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CISO Corner Episode 14 Topic: Trends in data security and privacy

CISO Corner Episode 14 Topic: Trends in data security and privacy

Featuring: Mark Houpt, DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer

Listen to Mark Houpt as he discusses the latest trends in data security and privacy.

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • The trend in attacks from rogue groups vs. nation-states
  • The disbanding of ransomware groups
  • The trend in federal and state governments in developing new consumer privacy laws
  • The cost and implications of new privacy laws
  • Cyber Insurance

Run Time: 21 minutes

DataBank’s CISO Corner is for CISOs and security practitioners, where we discuss a variety of cybersecurity topics and current events from the CISO’s perspective. Our broadcast is designed for those who want to hear from security and compliance experts on the front lines.

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