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How a FedRAMP-Compliant Facility Can Benefit Any Data Center Customer

How a FedRAMP-Compliant Facility Can Benefit Any Data Center Customer

Last year, the data center industry witnessed a significant uptick of attacks against service providers. On an average day, for example, DataBank detected and blocked more than 20 million attacks against customer infrastructure.

“This makes it imperative for customers to choose data centers that have the proper security controls in place, and certifications are the best to measure that,” said DataBank’s chief technology officer, Vlad Friedman, in a recently-published article in Data Center Frontier.

But not all certifications are created equal and some are more stringent than others. FedRAMP is the gold standard in security assessment, authorization, and monitoring data for service providers.  Derived from close collaboration among various governmental agencies, including the General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DoD) and other commercial industry organizations, FedRAMP was initially intended to provide a prescriptive framework of best practices to help secure our nation’s critical digital infrastructure.

While the use of a FedRAMP certified provider is only required for various government agencies and those doing business with them, there are significant benefits for any organization using a FedRAMP-certified partner including:

  • Simplified auditing
  • Greater data security
  • Differentiated marketing messages
  • Faster time to market

In the article, DataBank’s CTO, Vlad Friedman, tackles the nuts and bolts of IT infrastructure certifications, from SSAE 18 to PCI DSS and finally to NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP.  He documents the best practices and reporting required to meet the most stringent of these certifications. And he explains how the advance work done by service providers to meet these requirements makes those benefits possible for any customer.

Check the article out today!

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