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How a True Partnership with Your Data Center Provider Allows Your Business to Focus
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  • How a True Partnership with Your Data Center Provider Allows Your Business to Focus

How a True Partnership with Your Data Center Provider Allows Your Business to Focus

Why Your Data Center Provider Needs to Be a Partner

It’s becoming more common to outsource different components of IT, and fewer enterprises are continuing to run internal data centers. Relying on third-party IT providers is a way to increase cost efficiencies, improve productivity, and reduce risk. But what does it really mean to be a data center partner?

A customer partnership is all about living up to the solution built for the customer. At DataBank, if we sold it, we provide the service continuously throughout the lifecycle of the contract. Across all components of our team, from the technical frontlines to project management behind the scenes, it’s essential for everyone to be on the same page for our customers; what we refer to as: The Data Center Evolved.

Collaboration and Relationship-Building is Vital in Today’s Market

Think about the state of the data center industry: the speed of technological advancements and the resulting complexity increase daily. The days where technology was viewed as a necessity are so far behind us; IT has to function as a revenue generator. Today, businesses are technology, but here’s what businesses are not: running data centers, troubleshooting menial IT tasks, and network upgrades. Consequently, it makes sense that hybrid environments and outsourcing IT are becoming the norm.

A partnership-oriented relationship with your chosen data center provider has never been more important. When you’re outsourcing your IT infrastructure, it can feel like a considerable risk. If the relationship isn’t cohesive, details get lost in translation. For these reasons, DataBank’s methodology for working with customers is built on remaining in sync with customers and understanding business needs, challenges, and all possible options for solutions.

“Helping customers understand their options is key to being a partner. When they’re successful, so are we.”

-Wendy Stewart, Vice President of Account Management, DataBank

Account management is an important practice area to evaluate when you’re taking the leap to outsourcing IT. Your chosen provider should treat account management as customer advocacy. You’re most likely to have a positive experience when your data center provider is flexible, and doesn’t force your organization into cookie cutter solutions. Every interaction should be custom.

Building Relationships the DataBank Way

Our customer base is very diverse. We have a great deal of high-touch customers with whom account management is involved with on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to customers who are more removed, while our network operations center is always managing the network proactively, eliminating the need for customers to notify us if there’s an issue, we have dedicated account managers for those customers, as well.

Here’s the common thread: when a business becomes a DataBank customer, we treat it as a true partnership, and we walk alongside our customers on their journeys. We don’t hire entry-level personnel for account management roles; only the brightest, most experienced in the industry who have the skillsets to navigate any issues that arise. Technical, strategic, and tactical skillsets are all requirements for making our customers comfortable.

”There was one meeting in particular with a large enterprise customer. They brought in people for a channel discussion, and someone asked the customer what made them comfortable with signing a 10-year agreement with DataBank. Their response was: ‘I was comfortable with the people that DataBank put in front of me and trust that their resume matches what they can deliver every day—that’s who they are as an organization.’

We always treat our customers as partners. If they’re having trouble, then it’s a problem for us. We own that.”

-Wendy Stewart, Vice President of Account Management, DataBank

Relationships don’t stop at IT, either. It’s about staying plugged into customer culture and celebrating successes, as well. Gestures as small as sending handwritten cards if a customer acquires a new company, or launches a new product, are equally important.

Senior Leadership on the Front Lines

It’s common for senior leadership to be detached from individual customers across the data center industry. This is not the case at DataBank. On the contrary, our executive leaders are highly in tune with our customers, their goals, and their success; they’re equally as passionate as the technologists who are building solutions. Knowledge and approachability are requirements for senior leaders at DataBank. This allows account managers to do their jobs effectively because leadership investment is part of our culture.

“I can take my CEO on appointments with me to visit customers just to say hi because we have such strong leadership. They’re not removed from our customers and what they’re doing by any stretch of the imagination.”

-Natalie Haralson, Account Manager, DataBank

We listen, learn, and lead. We know our strengths, technology, and assets, and we will always pair customer needs with our offerings to ultimately create the best possible solution. Remember, when you’re in the market to outsource components of your IT infrastructure or engage managed services, make partnership a priority.

DataBank is committed to true partnership. If you’re seeking to enlist the support of a data center, whether simply for power, ping, and pipe, or more in-depth managed services, we can help point you in the right direction for your goals. Connect with DataBank, or call us at 1.800.840.7533 and speak to an expert immediately.

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