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How To Choose A Las Vegas Data Center

How To Choose A Las Vegas Data Center

There’s more to Las Vegas than casinos. The city has worked to make itself more appealing to a broader range of tourists. It’s also been diversifying its economy beyond tourism. This means that Las Vegas can be a very attractive location for a data center. With that in mind, here is a guide on choosing a Las Vegas data center.

Understanding your organization’s requirements

Before you can choose a Las Vegas data center, you need to understand your requirements. Begin by assessing your current IT infrastructure and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you have a clear understanding of key performance drivers such as data volumes, computational demands, and application types.

Think about how your business may develop in the future. In addition to considering your organization’s growth, think about how it may be affected by technological advancements. Choosing a Las Vegas data center is often a significant undertaking. You therefore usually want to be confident that your chosen solution will be suitable for many years to come.

Cost analysis and budget alignment

When choosing a Las Vegas data center solution it’s important to undertake a thorough cost analysis. Organizations need to evaluate upfront investment versus ongoing operational expenses to ensure the chosen solution aligns with your financial strategy.

To maximize ROI, align your data center budget with organizational goals. Consider factors such as performance requirements, compliance needs, and future scalability to ensure a strategic and cost-efficient investment.

Types of Las Vegas data centers

There are three main types of Las Vegas data centers. Each of these types offers a distinct solution for different business needs.

Local enterprise data centers provide on-premises solutions with customization options to meet Las Vegas-specific needs.

Colocation data centers rent space to organizations that wish to run their own data center equipment without the inconvenience of having to manage data center infrastructure.

Managed services data centers are fully operated by a third-party vendor. The vendor leases infrastructure and/or equipment to its clients.

Implementing IaaS in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas data center that can support Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) then you can find a wide range of options for both public and private clouds. Many of these options will support hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions.

Key features of a Las Vegas data center

Las Vegas data centers are designed to meet the specific demands of the region. In particular, the facility infrastructure reflects the realities of the desert environment.

There is a strong emphasis on robust cooling systems to maintain optimal temperature and energy efficiency no matter how hot it gets outside. Environmental controls extend beyond temperature management. Humidity and air quality are also closely monitored and regulated. You can also expect any Las Vegas data center to have a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

The overall level of resilience expected from a Las Vegas data center can be evaluated by checking its Uptime Institute tier rating. Tiers run from 1 to 4. Higher tier rankings indicate higher levels of resilience (and hence uptime).

Network connectivity options (and hence speed and latency) are likely to be determined by a Las Vegas data center’s specific location. Data centers located close to network hubs will typically have the best connectivity options.

Since Las Vegas is in a fairly continual process of development and redevelopment, its network infrastructure is being continually updated. It’s therefore advisable to check up-to-date information on network infrastructure developments when looking for a Las Vegas data center.

Data center operations

Implementing efficient Las Vegas data center operations requires efficient management and highly skilled personnel. All data centers require constant monitoring and maintenance. Data center managers also have to assume that troubleshooting and repairs will also be needed from time to time.

Organizations that run their own internal data centers will have full responsibility for ensuring that their staffing needs are met. They can, however, choose to outsource their labor requirements to a third-party vendor such as an IT managed-services provider.

Organizations that use colocation and/or managed data centers will have some level of support provided by the vendor. Many Las Vegas data center vendors can fulfill all of a client’s support needs. Alternatively, organizations can use a different third-party vendor or their own staff.

Security measures and compliance standards

Data centers in Las Vegas must adhere to both regional regulations and industry-specific compliance standards. This includes complying with frameworks such as the Uptime Institute tiers, and ensuring facilities meet rigorous standards for reliability and security.

Arguably the most important location-specific security consideration for a Las Vegas data center is the vibrant nature of Las Vegas city. In addition to a large, resident population, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

This means it habitually contains a large number of people and associated traffic. As a result, protecting data centers from unauthorized physical access is a significant consideration. It’s also important to think about maintaining access even when the city is at its most crowded.


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