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Hybrid IT and Cloud Environments Demand Proactive Monitoring

Hybrid IT and Cloud Environments Demand Proactive Monitoring

Predict and Prevent Downtime with Proactive Monitoring

In today’s hybrid multi-cloud environments, visibility and proactivity are the keys to availability.  It’s no longer sufficient for IT teams to simply react to issues. They need a proactive monitoring strategy that not only detects problems, but provides real-time visibility, data trending over time, and the ability to predict and prevent future downtime.

At DataBank, we recognize that the impacts of downtime aren’t just financial. They also affect legal liability, regulatory compliance and sheer quality of life for overburdened IT staffs. And our objective is to get our customers ahead of problems rather than just reacting to them.

Making the Shift to Proactivity

True proactivity comes from a deep understanding of your environment combined with well-documented run books and automation of incident response. It demands well-configured monitoring, comprehensive documentation, 24/7 staff and resilient design patterns applied to your applications and technology stack. Achieving this profile can be difficult for many IT organizations due to:

  • Costs associated with a comprehensive monitoring solution
  • Daily operational overload and reactivity taking away product time
  • Costs associated with 24/7 operations and staffing

DataBank’s portal and robust suite of monitoring tools can help IT teams achieve a truly proactive stance especially in hybrid environments.

Why Managed Monitoring & Proactive Care are Crucial for Hybrid Environments

As technology transitions from a cost center to a competitive differentiator, hybrid IT strategies are driving innovation. But hybrid cloud deployments a complex amalgamation of technologies, application stacks, multi clouds and colocation. Ensuring that every element of your infrastructure understood is key to maintaining uptime and reliability.

“Visibility, Proactivity and Planning are the keys elements to drive application availability.”

-Vlad Friedman, CTO, DataBank

When IT doesn’t have enough resources, bringing in the right partner allows you to affordably acquire the talent, experience, technology and 24/7 operational support needed to deliver 100% uptime for complex hybrid enterprise applications.

A reliable partner will have in-depth experience in the managed services space with the ability to analyze monitoring data and generate insights that are difficult to replicate using out of the box solutions. By supporting thousands of customers and tens-of-thousands of monitored servers, a partner can often predict problems before they occur based on their deep understanding of failure points.

And they can unburden your IT staff as well. Managed service providers are staffed 24/7, and can easily assume the position of first responder, executing your run books and escalating as needed to your staff.  That allows your IT team to focus on transformational projects within your business and forego the costs that come with buying technology and staff to support it.

DataBank as a First Responder: Our Take on Proactive Care

Monitoring and proactive care are a key component to DataBank managed services. Basic server monitoring is important (responding to ping, HTTP checks, etc.), but achieving the proactive half of the equation requires good systems, experienced engineers, and cross-functional monitoring from disparate yet dependent systems.

At Databank that means:

  • Monitoring 3x the number of checks and data points than you would get with an out of the box monitoring solution;
  • Opening 70% of all tickets on a customer’s behalf through proactive monitoring driving problem prevention;
  • Trending 120 days of data to identify patterns and trends that could lead to downtime;
  • Responding to 99% of alarms within the SLA window 24/7/365;
  • Remediating 95% of alarms without customer interaction;
  • Providing transparency with direct access into our monitoring systems so you see what we see;
  • Achieving a 4.8/5 quality of service rating for monitoring.

This level of thoroughness provides a significantly deeper view into the health of individual servers, devices, and applications. The ultimate result is unmatched live visibility into how your applications are performing.

“When an application has an issue, our granular monitoring allows us to quickly identify the root cause and remediate problems.”

-Gary Dowell, IT Managed Services Engineer, DataBank

Collecting and analyzing trending data on systems, capacity, swap, CPU, disk I/O, services, event logs, running processes, services, OS configuration, resource limits, and disk space allows our team to build a profile on each server. Our methodology helps drive the detection of a problem long before it impacts service.

Choosing a partner for monitoring and proactive care isn’t just about an improvement in the SLA, or the uptime percentage; it’s about quality of life. IT people are already spread thin, and Hybrid IT strategies only add to the challenge.

Proactive Monitoring and Care is yet another way to can make life easier for your IT teams, eliminating noise, and allowing them to focus.

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