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Partners in Security: DataBank and Tripwire

Partners in Security: DataBank and Tripwire

Tripwire is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that span the physical, virtual, cloud, and DevOps environments of F500 enterprises, industrial organizations, and government agencies. Recently, the company announced that its new ExpertOps ℠ Federal offering is being hosted in a FedRAMP-certified cloud computing platform provided by DataBank. You can read the latest release here. But this is just the latest development in a long partnership between DataBank and Tripwire, who have been working together since 2013.

Partnership: It’s a Two-Way Street

During these seven years, DataBank and Tripwire have formed a deep and meaningful partnership in terms of the problems we solve and the solutions we deliver. DataBank realizes that mitigating security exposures require continuous monitoring, which includes the best File Integrity Management and Log Management solutions available. Our partnership and our solution have evolved to meet the very highest levels of security and compliance requirements imposed by government institutions today. Since 2013, DataBank has been implementing Tripwire’s file integrity and log management capabilities into our Managed Security Solutions. DataBank chose Tripwire for what they do best, and likewise, Tripwire has chosen DataBank for what we do best – and that’s Compliance Enablement.

A Word About Compliant Hosting

The benefits of our FedRAMP compliant hosting extend beyond FedRAMP to include many of the same processes and procedures for other types of compliance mandates as well. DataBank leverages the same methodologies, and processes for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, SSAE, GDPR, Privacy Shield, NIST, and ITAR. Compliance in many of these frameworks requires continuous monitoring, and controls for physical security, network/perimeter, system/host, and access. File integrity and log management are key aspects of those controls. Through the partnership, DataBank can provide those controls using Tripwire’s services. In return, Tripwire can offer a FedRAMP-compliant service for its Federal government customer by leveraging DataBank’s FedRAMP-certified infrastructure.

But the benefits of this partnership don’t end there. If you are a DataBank customer, they extend to you as well.

FILE INTEGRITY MONITORING: Automated Remediation Through Intelligent Change Management

Your hosted IT infrastructure can experience thousands of changes a day to files and configurations. Identifying the few changes that may reduce security posture, or indicate a breach in progress, can be like finding a needle in a haystack. DataBank’s File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service not only determines whether or not the integrity of a file has been compromised, but it also indicates whether the change requires immediate attention, and provides guidance on how to return the system to a known secure state.

Detecting Change, Enabling Compliance

DataBank’s File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) platform uses intelligent agents to continuously capture change details in real-time and use those details to determine the security risk or non-compliance. And it reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of change reporting by utilizing multiple methods of determining low-risk change from high-risk change, enabling you to focus on those that threaten compliance.

LOG MANAGEMENT: Maintain Logs, Improve Security, and Ensure Compliance.

Log management is critical to identifying what changes over time in networks, and devices may create security vulnerabilities. But with the adoption of Hybrid infrastructures, the volume of changes and the size of logs has grown exponentially, demanding more time and resources from your organization. However, without diligent logging and audits, a vulnerability or attack may go unnoticed, compromising security, and jeopardizing compliance. Databank’s Log Management service simplifies the task, improving security across your hosted infrastructure, and ensuring your systems remain in compliance.

Highlighting What Matters in a Sea of Data

DataBank’s Log Management gives you the ability to correlate alerts, events, and incidents from various sources to detect suspicious activity. Our service includes both integrated review and case management capabilities for an auditable trail of all suspicious findings, as well as a historical perspective of your complete security and compliance operation. Tracking and reporting of incident trends cover your entire enterprise, including services hosted outside your perimeter. Our dedicated team of security professionals provides daily event log monitoring, ensuring log analysis is never sidetracked or delayed by competing priorities.

Just One More Example

Security exposures run deep, but so does the DataBank/TripWire partnership. And it’s just one more example of how we deliver a Data Center Evolved experience.

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