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Scalable, Flexible And Cost-Effective Server Colocation Services In the USA

Scalable, Flexible And Cost-Effective Server Colocation Services In the USA

There is a growing demand for server colocation services in the USA. This demand is being driven by the need for businesses to find scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for their growing digital infrastructure. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to what you need to know about scalable, flexible, and cost-effective server colocation services in the USA.

Understanding server colocation services in the USA

Server colocation involves hosting a company’s servers in a third-party data center. Using server colocation services allows businesses to benefit from data center infrastructure without the burden of managing it.

Most server colocation services in the USA support integrations with public cloud services. It’s increasingly common for them also to support edge computing deployments. In fact, some server colocation services in the USA also offer edge colocation.

This means that server colocation services in the USA can effectively become the hubs of a robust, high-performance, and cost-effective digital ecosystem.

The key benefits of server colocation services in the USA

Here is a quick overview of 10 of the key benefits of server colocation services in the USA.


For many businesses, the headline benefit of colocation is that it is highly scalable. This allows businesses to keep their provisioning in line with their workload.

Colocation is known for horizontal scalability. This is the ability to add or remove resources as required. There are also ways to implement vertical scalability (boosting the power of an existing resource).

Firstly, businesses can deploy technologies that support vertical scalability (e.g. virtualization). Secondly, they can usually expand into the public cloud as necessary. It’s very common for businesses to use both options.


Server colocation services allow businesses to customize their infrastructure according to specific needs. Moreover, they facilitate quick adjustments to accommodate changing requirements. Using server colocation services therefore helps to ensure that IT resources are always aligned with business objectives.

Cost-effective value

For many businesses, using server colocation services is significantly more cost-effective than using either on-premises data centers or the public cloud.

The upfront costs are minimal and the ongoing costs are usually lower than for an equivalent in-house data center. This is because clients benefit from shared infrastructure costs. They may also be able to leverage group purchasing power to achieve economies of scale.

For clients that process and/or store a lot of data, using server colocation services can generate significant savings compared to the public cloud. This is because colocation providers essentially charge a flat fee for the use of specific resources. By contrast, public cloud service providers (CSPs) typically charge based on the amount of data you process.

This difference also means that the pricing of server colocation services is very predictable. This makes it much easier for clients to budget and forecast accurately.

Security and compliance

Server colocation services in the USA take security and compliance very seriously. You can expect all reputable providers to have robust physical and digital security. You can also expect them to vet their staff carefully.

Many server colocation services are officially certified as compliant with key data security standards (e.g. PCI/DSS). They can also provide their clients with any information necessary for them to demonstrate their own compliance.

Excellent connectivity

Network connectivity is often a major selling point for server colocation services. They are often strategically located near internet exchange points (IXPs). Providers then maximize the benefit of this by implementing advanced infrastructure.

Server colocation services in the USA typically base their networks on fiber-optic technology. It’s increasingly common for them also to support 5G. They will definitely optimize their network as much as possible and implement high levels of redundancy.

Geographic diversity

With server colocation services in the USA, businesses can distribute their IT infrastructure across multiple locations. This minimizes the risk of service interruptions due to localized incidents. It therefore helps to ensure the continuous availability of services even in the face of regional challenges.

Access to advanced infrastructure

Colocation provides businesses access to state-of-the-art infrastructure that may be cost-prohibitive to build and maintain in-house. This includes redundant power systems, advanced cooling solutions, and cutting-edge hardware.

Energy efficiency

Server colocation services often prioritize energy efficiency by implementing eco-friendly practices such as efficient cooling systems and the use of renewable energy sources. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also contributes to lower operational costs.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Server colocation enables businesses to deploy redundant systems and geographically diverse data centers. In the event of a localized outage or disaster, businesses can maintain seamless operations and quickly recover critical data from offsite locations.

Access to managed services

Many colocation services offer some level of managed services and ad-hoc support. Businesses can use these as standard or just leverage them when they need extra help.


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