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A Closer Look at DataBank’s Salt Lake City Substation

A Closer Look at DataBank’s Salt Lake City Substation

Did you know that DataBank’s Salt Lake City Granite Point campus has its own private 66MW N+1 electrical substation?

This is a key advantage for our customers. Owning our own substation gives us much more control over this vital infrastructure, especially in terms of the location of the substation (much closer in proximity than if it were owned by a utility). We can also be much more proactive in maintaining the substation to make sure it is running at peak efficiency.

All of this adds up to a number of important benefits for DataBank customers. For example, we can deliver more consistent power to the data center, which leads to more reliable uptime and even an improved ability for customers to meet critical SLAs for their customers and prospects. Additionally, such a purpose-built, state-of-the art electrical substation in the SLC campus helps lower costs and increases scalability. For example, the Granite Point campus was designed to accommodate six data centers in size to meet customer demand.

Why are Substations So Important?

An electrical substation is a vital component to any data center location. They are needed to provide reliable electricity for customers in order to maximize uptime, build redundancy, and continue to provide exceptional products and service experiences for their customers.

Substations consist of a wide array of high voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and other related devices and infrastructure. In the case of the Granite Point substation, transformers will play a key role in “stepping down” the high voltage coming in from an outside transmission line (a 138,000 volt feed) and converting it to 12,740 volts for use in our existing data centers – with the fifth building current under construction and scheduled to open in the spring of 2022.

More Reasons to Consider Salt Lake City and the Granite Point Campus

The combination of power, network, facilities, and the campus setting all ensure that Granite Point is the ideal setting for the high-performance computing, content providers, cloud giants, hyperscale providers, and large enterprises considering colocation options in Utah.

In addition, Salt Lake City is at the nexus of growth for start-ups and venture capital in the tech industry. The Salt Lake City region provides a business-friendly environment and low cost of living that can help any enterprise grow. That, combined with low power costs and ample network connectivity, have led to an explosion of large technology companies putting down roots in the state. With its own electrical substation in the Granite Point campus, DataBank is better able to provide the services and experience these companies require.

Investing in a substation of this magnitude reflects our view of how important the Salt Lake City market is, and the fact that we’re committed to doing all we can to provide the best data services possible for DataBank customers.

Interested in learning more about our Salt Lake City data centers or data center options in any region? Please visit today.

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