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Unveiling the New DataBank Website: Enhanced User Experience and Industry Insights
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  • Unveiling the New DataBank Website: Enhanced User Experience and Industry Insights

Unveiling the New DataBank Website: Enhanced User Experience and Industry Insights

After extensive planning and a lot of effort, we are excited to officially unveil DataBank’s brand-new website.

Interested in learning more and how this new site can improve your experience as a DataBank customer, partner, or prospect? In this article, we’ll give you a quick tour of some of the biggest changes and important new resources that may be helpful to you.

Website Themes

As we developed the overall strategy for the new website, we wanted to make sure it addressed a few important themes. This would be critical to helping any visitor get exactly what you need out of the new site.

These themes include:

Data Center Footprint: The new site now does more to communicate the total scope and scale of our data center footprint. DataBank now has more data centers in more U.S. metros than any other provider, public or private. Now, anyone visiting the site can quickly see exactly where our data centers are and learn more about each one.

Edge Focus: The new site also communicates new details about DataBank’s edge strategy. This is important for companies looking to make the best decisions possible to move data, applications, and workloads as close as possible to end users.

Customer Portal: Our software-driven infrastructure management capabilities are available in the DataBank Customer Portal, now more prominently displayed. Customers use this to manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure.

Hybrid IT Solutions: DataBank provides a flexible, customer-centric approach to hybrid IT, and the website’s Solutions page highlights the many options customers have to easily build, scale, and adapt a hybrid IT infrastructure that truly works for them.

DataBank Employees and Culture: We also wanted to shine a light on our employees—not just our data centers or technology—because our talent, diversity, and culture all give us our most durable competitive advantage. To this end, we expanded the Culture section of the website to emphasize our exceptional people.

Thought Leadership Content: Technical and Executive professionals can stay current about the industry through DataBank blogs, case studies, webinars, podcasts, and white papers. You can browse or search for relevant topics in the Resources section.

By focusing on these themes and making them as prominent as possible on the new site, we hope to help any visitor quickly find exactly what you’re looking for as well as understand the wide range of solutions and services DataBank offers.

New Content and Functionality

The new website also features many new design elements, including content and functionality updates that support the themes described above. For example, both the home page and the main data center page feature an interactive map that conveys the scope of DataBank’s footprint and the populations we reach at a glance. The map allows visitors to toggle various features available in each metro—such as cloud nodes, carrier hotels, and 100% renewable power—for a highly relevant experience.

The new site also includes maps of each metro to show exactly where our data centers are located relative to each other as well as to major highways in the metro. It also shows our nine (so far) specific campuses where our data centers have room to expand. The website provides diagrams of each campus that highlight current facilities and potential future expansion space.

As part of the site re-design, we created specific sub-pages in the data center section that expand on our Edge strategy and our approach to data center design.

Let Us Know What You Think

Our refreshed website was designed with DataBank customers and other visitors in mind.

We’re not done yet. We will continue to evolve and make new updates, so please let us know what you think about the new site. If you have any feedback or suggestions to make the DataBank website even better, please let us know.

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