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Why Data Center Hosting Is Necessary For Enterprise Businesses

Why Data Center Hosting Is Necessary For Enterprise Businesses

For enterprise businesses, scalable, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure is not just a necessary operational tool but a core driver of their ongoing success. For most enterprise businesses, the best way to achieve this is by using data center hosting. Here is a quick guide to what you need to know.

Why data center hosting has become necessary for enterprise businesses

Over recent years, enterprise businesses have started to focus much more on agility. Operating in an agile manner requires scalability. The easiest way to achieve scalability is to leverage third-party services. These can be commissioned and decommissioned in line with workloads.

At the same time, however, enterprise businesses cannot afford to compromise on security or reliability. These are not just necessary for legal reasons. They are necessary to protect the trust that enterprise businesses have put a lot of effort into building. For this reason, data center hosting is usually by far the best solution for modern enterprise businesses.

The benefits of data center hosting for enterprise businesses

Here are 10 specific benefits of data center hosting for enterprise businesses. All of these benefits improve scalability, security, and/or reliability.

Geographical distribution

Enterprise businesses can leverage the geographical distribution of data center hosting to place their resources where they are most needed. This will typically be near key user bases. This minimizes the distance that data needs to travel. It therefore improves both security and reliability.

Geographical distribution can also be incorporated into business continuity and/or disaster recovery strategies. For example, if one data center hosting facility does fail, a business can just move its processing to another facility (or facilities).

Guaranteed uptime

Data center hosting vendors provide legally binding uptime guarantees. These come with financial sanctions if breached. Possibly more importantly, data center hosting vendors understand the importance of maintaining a reputation for reliability.

For both reasons, they ensure their data center hosting facilities are highly resilient. This is mainly achieved by implementing multiple layers of redundancy in all aspects of the data center’s operations.

Fast and robust network infrastructure

Network connectivity is a major selling point for data center hosting vendors. As a result, they do everything possible to maximize both speed and robustness. Many data center hosting facilities are strategically located to benefit from major networking hubs.

They also typically use high-speed cabling (including fiber optics) and cutting-edge networking equipment. This will be implemented by experts. It will be managed using a combination of automated tools (often driven by AI) and highly skilled personnel.

Sophisticated power and cooling systems

Data center hosting facilities implement highly advanced power and cooling systems. These deliver the exact amount of electricity or cooling to maintain perfect operating conditions. This not only improves reliability but also lowers running costs and is more sustainable.

Physical and digital security

Data center hosting facilities routinely implement the highest standards of physical and digital security. Crucially, physical security measures extend beyond preventing deliberate crime. They also protect against indirect hazards such as environmental risks. For this reason, they need to be tailored to the specific location of the data center hosting facility.

Support for compliance programs

On a similar point, most data center hosting vendors achieve and maintain certification in at least the major data security frameworks and standards. Some also cover programs with less overall reach but have major significance in some areas (e.g. FISMA). Moreover, where relevant, they will generally assist their clients to achieve their own certification.

Integration with public clouds

It’s now standard for data center hosting vendors to support integration with public clouds. It’s now increasingly common for them to support multi-cloud architectures. This is particularly useful for enterprise businesses.

Integration with edge computing

On a similar note, it’s also becoming increasingly common for data center hosting vendors to support integration with edge deployments. In fact, they may even offer edge colocation as a complementary service.

Support for new technologies

For enterprise businesses, data center hosting facilities are often the ideal environment in which to deploy new technologies. New technologies almost always bring new considerations. For example, artificial intelligence applications require specialized hardware. This requires specialist infrastructure.

Using data center hosting means that the vendor takes care of most, if not all, of these practicalities. This leaves the client free to concentrate on making the best use of the new technology.

Managed services and ad-hoc support

It’s not guaranteed that a data center hosting vendor will provide either managed services or ad-hoc support but it is very likely. They are well aware that many enterprise businesses prefer to outsource as much as possible of their non-core activities. Delegating the management of IT infrastructure to a third-party vendor allows them to focus more of their energies on the value-added aspects of IT.

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