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Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

Cloud computing that integrates seamlessly with DataBank’s colocation and managed services to enable the ultimate hybrid infrastructure.

The Building Blocks of a Hybrid IT Strategy

To enable a true hybrid strategy, your Cloud needs to extend beyond the average scalable compute & storage platform. It should be able to handle your mission-critical production workloads, integrate with your existing colocation solution, and include revenue portability between the platforms so your budget can flex along with your needs.

DataBank’s Enterprise Cloud is an advanced high-performance computing and storage platform designed for the most resource-intensive workloads. Our Enterprise Cloud is built for enterprises who need maximum performance and compliance with the flexibility of seamlessly integrating colocation and managed security as your needs evolve.

Self-Managed Cloud

DataBank’s self-managed Enterprise Cloud allows you the flexibility to manage and self-provision your own infrastructure through the VMware hypervisor interface and the DataBank Customer Portal.

Managed Cloud

DataBank’s Managed Enterprise Cloud is a fully-managed environment for infrastructure services and applications. DataBank will monitor, patch, provide OS hardening for security, and backup your environment as well as provide security and compliance services.

Solution Specifications and Features

Solution Specifications and Features

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