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DataBank Seattle (SEA2) Open House
DataBank Hosts Open House Event at Seattle (SEA2) Data Center

Meet the Seattle DataBank team on September 16 at the SEA2 Open House, 11am – 2pm PST for networking, food and fun.

Why Colocation Density Matters - DataBank
Why Colocation Density Matters

When it comes to picking the right data center, the importance of density—and specifically power density—is often overlooked. This article examines three critical density factors and highlights a specific density use case to show why colocation density is an important factor to consider.

International Telecoms Week (ITW) - DataBank
DataBank CEO, Raul Martynek to Talk ‘Capitalizing on the Cloud and Edge’ at ITW 2021
  • August 16, 2021
  • Edge

DataBank CEO Raul Martynek will speak at ITW Aug 30-Sep 2. Learn about what’s to come for networks, connectivity, and more.

Denver Data Centers

Learn more about DataBank’s four Denver metro data centers, including key mechanical information, interesting facts about the region, and colocation options and benefits.

Welcome to the Mobile Edge: A Look at the Edge from the Perspective of Network Providers
  • August 9, 2021
  • Edge

As the promise of 5G and edge computing becomes more and more real, network service providers need to move away from traditional, centralized compute infrastructure and embrace a more specialized, decentralized model. Welcome to the mobile edge.

The Top 10 Questions DataBank Customers Ask
Revealed: The Top 10 Questions DataBank Customers Ask

Because we are continually asking our customers what they want and need, we thought it would be both informative and fun for DataBank to reveal some of the key questions our customers or potential customers commonly ask us.

DataBank - A Look at the Edge From the Perspective of Hyperscale Cloud Providers
A Look at the Edge From the Perspective of Hyperscale Cloud Providers

In this edition of Voices of the Industry via Data Center Frontier, Raul Martynek, CEO at DataBank, refines the definition of edge computing.

CISO Corner – Episode 6: StateRAMP

Featuring: Leah McGrath, Executive Director of StateRAMP; Harvey Seale, Mimecast; Noah Brown, Knowledge Services; and your host, Mark Houpt, DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer.

Where’s the Edge? It’s Here…It’s There…It’s Everywhere.

This third article of our three-part series discusses how the edge is more than just micro data centers beneath cell towers. It’s ubiquitous, spans tier 1 cities and rural markets, and exists in many forms.



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