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5 Types of Organizations that Benefit from FedRAMP Compliance

5 Types of Organizations that Benefit from FedRAMP Compliance

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a US federal government program that aims to standardize security assessments for the implementation of cloud services. FedRAMP sets standards that all federal government agencies and their contractors are required to meet. FedRAMP standards are very rigorous, and it is difficult to attain a FedRAMP certification. Because of this, FedRAMP has become the gold standard in cloud security, not just for the federal government, but for state and local governments, contractors that aspire to work with government agencies, security-minded organizations, and more.

Here are 5 types of organizations that can benefit from FedRAMP compliance and how FedRAMP helps them.

State and Local Governments: State and local governments increasingly understand the benefits of FedRAMP. More state and local governments are leveraging FedRAMP security standards for their compliance needs. FedRAMP helps them attain a high level of security in an efficient and cost-effective manner, without having to develop their own security standards. State and local governments can also benefit greatly by leveraging a FedRAMP-certified Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that takes much of the work of building and maintaining a FedRAMP environment off their hands. Working with a CSP can save significant budget on hiring and training staff, and simplify the process of reaching compliance.

Contractors that Aspire to Land Government Contracts: Contractors who want to work with the federal government should build on a FedRAMP-enabled platform that will allow them to quickly attain full FedRAMP compliance when they win a government contract. These customers need to be able to choose which level of security services to proactively implement, vs. which they will work through in the event that they get a government contract. These customers can benefit from working with a FedRAMP certified CSP that can help them implement the requirements they need now and the ones they will need down the road.

Organizations that Need to Meet Other Federal Compliances: FedRAMP compliance standards have reciprocity with many other compliances. Organizations that need to meet FIPS 140-2, DoD SRG, ITAR, CJIS, DFARS, IRS-1075 Encryption Standards, and other government compliance guidelines, can all benefit from building on a FedRAMP-enabled platform. These organizations can also benefit from working with a CSP that has experience building solutions to meet these guidelines.

Security-Minded Organizations: Since its establishment in 2011, FedRAMP has become the gold standard of cloud security. Many organizations are interested in achieving FedRAMP compliance or FedRAMP-like compliance due to the heightened level of security FedRAMP standards provide—even for organizations that have no plans to ever work with the federal government, and do not need to meet any government compliances. These organizations can benefit by working with a CSP that will allow them to choose which FedRAMP features they want to implement.

Federal Government Agencies: Federal government agencies and departments obviously need to be FedRAMP compliant. Many of these organizations prefer to work with CSPs, because a CSP can help them get compliant efficiently and cost-effectively.

DataBank has built FedRAMP-enabled solutions for all 5 of these types of organizations. Our “white glove” approach involves building a customized System Security Plan, and evaluating a customer’s needs, strengths, and areas of risk to design a solution that integrates seamlessly with their operations. Our flexible solutions allow customers to choose which security services they need implemented now, and which ones they want to implement in the future. We also help customers create a roadmap and milestones that fit their goals, and then work with them every step of the way to build their perfect cloud solution.

If you come across an opportunity with any of the above 5 types of organizations, send an email to to register it.

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