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Comprehensive Support Ensures Your IT Team Can Focus on Innovative Projects That Matter
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Comprehensive Support Ensures Your IT Team Can Focus on Innovative Projects That Matter

Mission Critical IT Demands an Always Available Support Team 

Today, technology no longer merely supports the business; technology is the business. Every enterprise out there, regardless of vertical, is heavily reliant upon technology, with mission critical apps carrying out the bulk of day-to-day business tasks whether in ecommerce, a hospital environment, or a financial organization. It’s not the support environment of yesteryear. When internal IT resources are limited, their daily tasks quickly become dominated by flashing lights and alarms, while the core mission falls to the wayside.  

Meanwhile, digital transformation has made hybrid strategies commonplace, with businesses increasingly choosing mixed infrastructures. Cloud usage is growing, as is complexity. 

  • 79% of enterprises say that lack of internal resources and expertise is their primary challenge with the cloud (RightScale).  
  • 84% of businesses who choose to outsource IT have initiated discussions, conducted pilots, or implemented solutions around transformation. When executed properly, disruptive outsourcing can actually bring competitive advantage (Deloitte).  

If you choose to enlist the help of third-party support in conjunction with outsourced IT, your chosen partner should prioritize functioning as an extension on the IT staff and bringing proactivity to operations. At DataBank, for example, forklifting everyday distractions is a key objective. Complexity varies from one customer to another, but businesses rely on our support team for everything from managing mission critical applications and monitoring alarms to patching and upgrades. And we’re incredibly proactive in our approach.  In fact, DataBank responds to over 19,000 alarms per month, with technicians logging in to identify the source 98% of the time, and most being resolved within 15 minutes, often before customers are even aware there was an issue. Customers can easily reach out if they notice an application is running slowly to request an upgrade. Support can be as comprehensive as the customer requires. 

“We’re an extension of their IT staff, and they don’t have to hire technical IT people because we’re managing their applications and we go all the way down to the application stack. Making sure their assets and sites are up and running and they can concentrate on their core business objectives 

-Michael Deamer, Vice President of Client ServicesDataBank 

Increasing the Positive Business Impacts of Managed Services 

When you rely on managed services to streamline some of the operational tasks that weigh down your own IT team, experienced support engineers should be part of the package In order to maximize efficiency impacts, support engineers need to have competency that spans infrastructure to operating systems. In evaluating support services with your chosen managed service provider, they should cover the following practice areas: 

  • General tech support 
  • Monitoring 
  • Recovery
  • Patching 
  • Backups 
  • Security 

How DataBank Makes Life Easier for Customers Through Comprehensive Support 

The DataBank Support experience actually starts with implementation and provisioning. Depending on the project at hand, the implementation team will configure services and assist with the migration, ensuring apps are up and running. Once implementation is complete, Support leverages a deep bench of analysts, development, and database administrators to keep systems up and running continuously. 

  • 95-96% of every ticket submitted by a customer is handled by the same person who answers the phone.
  • 98% of alarms are fixed within 15 minutes. 
  • DataBank opens 75% of tickets overall. Proactive monitoring ensures that potential issues are identified before they impact customers. 

Quality, depth and breadth of support is critical when selecting an IT infrastructure and managed services partner. Having the right technical staff who know multiple operating systems and can contribute proven expertise across the spectrum of support activities is the key to success.  

“We have the right staff. They’re technical, and whether there’s an alarm or an open ticket, they’re proactive and they identify issues before they ever become a problem for the customer. That’s what support is really about.”  

-Michael Deamer, Vice President of Client Services, DataBank

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