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How DataBank’s Cloud Solves Common FedRAMP Challenges

How DataBank’s Cloud Solves Common FedRAMP Challenges

Many different types of organizations need to meet FedRAMP compliance standards. Some of the main organizations that need or want to be FedRAMP compliant are federal and state government agencies, contractors that work with the federal government, and security-minded organizations who want the heightened level of security FedRAMP standards provide. But building a FedRAMP compliant solution can be difficult, and each of these organizations faces different challenges when trying to build their solution. Here are some of the most common challenges FedRAMP customers face, and how DataBank’s FedRAMP-enabled cloud helps solve these challenges.

Limited Resources and Expertise: One of the biggest problems that organizations face when trying to build a FedRAMP solution in the public cloud is a lack of resources and expertise. FedRAMP-enabled public cloud solutions give their customers the building blocks to attain FedRAMP compliance, but require the customer to build, configure, operate, and manage the solution. If a customer does not have the knowledge or resources to do this, then the customer has two options—either hire or train inhouse staff to do it, or hire a third-party agency.

DataBank’s FedRAMP-enabled cloud offers an alternative approach. Since DataBank owns the cloud infrastructure and has a dedicated team of compliance engineers led by our CISO, we are able to offer a much deeper level of support than third-party agencies that build solutions in the public cloud. DataBank takes a white-glove approach to building FedRAMP solutions. One of the hallmarks of our strategy is a comprehensive, discovery-based approach to building cloud solutions for customers. This process is tied to the development of a customized System Security Plan, wherein the platform is evaluated on a point-by-point basis. DataBank’s solution architects strive to learn as much as possible about a customer’s needs, strengths, and areas of risk to design a solution that integrates seamlessly with their operations.

In other words, DataBank works closely with our customers to build the optimal solution for them, rather than simply giving them the building blocks to build a solution themselves. This is a major advantage of DataBank over the public cloud options.

Need to Meet Compliance Standards with FedRAMP Reciprocity: Not every organization that is interested in a FedRAMP-enabled solution actually needs to attain FedRAMP compliance. Many compliance standards have reciprocity with FedRAMP, including FIPS 140-2, DoD SRG, ITAR, CJIS, DFARS, IRS-1075 Encryption Standards, and various other government compliances. Building on a FedRAMP-enabled platform can help organizations meet all these standards and more.

However, the guidelines for meeting these compliance standards can be confusing and difficult to meet. Organizations can benefit from a partnership with a cloud provider that works with them to build the solution to the specifications they need. DataBank has experience building solutions to meet other government compliance standards through our FedRAMP-enabled cloud. If a customer needs to meet FIPS 140-2, DoD SRG, ITAR, CJIS, DFARS, IRS-1075 Encryption Standards, and more, our CISO and compliance engineers will work with them to construct their optimal solution.

Inflexible Solutions: Many contractors prefer to build on FedRAMP-enabled platforms, because they know that if/when they win a government contract, they will be able to quickly achieve full FedRAMP compliance. These customers do not necessarily want to attain full compliance in advance and would rather choose which level of security services to proactively implement, vs. which they will work through in the event that they get a FedRAMP contract.

These customers need a hands-on partner who will work with them to implement the requirements they need now and the ones they will need down the road. This makes DataBank a much more attractive option for many contractors, because we will work with them on a long-term basis to build a solution that fits their current needs, and allows for them to scale up their solution to meet full FedRAMP compliance down the line.

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