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Let us know which data center you'd like to visit and how to reach you, and one of team members will be in touch shortly.

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Tell us about your infrastructure requirements and how to reach you, and one of team members will be in touch shortly.

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Let us know which data center you'd like to visit and how to reach you, and one of team members will be in touch shortly.

Maximizing Efficiency: Unveiling the Power Of Server Colocation

Maximizing Efficiency: Unveiling the Power Of Server Colocation

Uncover the reliability and advantages of server colocation for your business.

Server colocation is a strategic IT solution where businesses rent space within a professional data center facility to house their IT equipment, rather than hosting them on their premises.

This arrangement allows businesses to leverage the advanced infrastructure and services provided by the data center without the need to invest in building and maintaining their own server room. This infrastructure typically includes power, climate control, networking, and security.

By outsourcing their server hosting needs to a colocation provider, businesses can benefit from enhanced reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency while focusing on their core operations.

Advantages of colocation

Here is a brief overview of the three main advantages of colocation.


With colocation, you get a guarantee of service, commonly known as an uptime guarantee. The industry standard is currently “five 9s” or 99.999% although some vendors go even further and offer up to 100%. There are four key measures colocation vendors take to ensure that they can meet this guarantee.


Colocation facilities employ advanced monitoring and management tools to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate into downtime. Automated systems continuously monitor server performance, environmental conditions, and network connectivity, allowing for rapid response to anomalies.


Colocation facilities invest in robust infrastructure and redundant systems.

Power: Even a colocation basic facility can be expected to have 1 spare of each key component. More advanced facilities may have several spares or even have complete replication of systems. Additionally, facilities often have power contracts with multiple vendors. They will also have backup systems including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and fuel-powered generators.

Climate control: Redundant cooling systems maintain optimal operating temperatures at all times. This prevents equipment failures caused by overheating.

Network connectivity: Colocation facilities implement redundant infrastructure along with network protocols that can leverage it as necessary. They also typically have contracts with multiple vendors.


Colocation facilities implement high standards of both physical and digital security. This not only enables them to comply with key data security standards but also helps to minimize disruption due to security incidents.

Disaster recovery

Although colocation facilities take all possible measures to prevent disruption, their managers are well aware that disruption may happen anyway. Consequently, they implement robust disaster-recovery plans.

Cost efficiency

One of the most important reasons why colocation has become so popular is that it is highly cost-effective. Here are five of the key reasons why.

Minimum upfront costs: Instead of investing in costly real estate, infrastructure, and equipment, businesses can simply rent space in a colocation facility.

Ability to leverage economies of scale: By pooling resources and spreading costs across a diverse client base, colocation providers can offer access to enterprise-grade infrastructure and services at a lower cost than businesses could achieve on their own.

Ability to right-size provisioning: Colocation offers businesses the flexibility to right-size their IT infrastructure provisioning based on current needs and future growth projections. Instead of over-provisioning resources to accommodate peak demand, businesses can scale their colocation footprint as needed, paying only for the resources they use.

Flexible pricing: Colocation providers offer flexible pricing models that cater to the varying needs and budgets of businesses. These models typically include options for metered power billing, which allows businesses to pay only for the power they consume, as well as customizable service packages that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Predictable costs: With fixed monthly fees for space, power, and connectivity, businesses can budget with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect in terms of costs. This predictability eliminates the uncertainty associated with fluctuating expenses and unexpected infrastructure investments, providing businesses with greater financial stability and control.


Scalability is key to running the sort of agile, cost-effective business operations. Here are just five of the ways using colocation promotes scalability

Flexible space options: Colocation providers offer businesses the flexibility to scale their IT infrastructure by providing various space options, from individual racks to dedicated cages or private suites.

High-density deployments: Colocation facilities are designed to support high-density server deployments. These enable businesses to maximize the use of available space and power capacity.

Redundant power and cooling: Colocation facilities employ redundant power and cooling systems to ensure uninterrupted operations and support scalability. These redundant systems enable businesses to add new equipment or increase server density without compromising reliability.

Scalable connectivity options: Colocation providers offer scalable connectivity options, including high-speed internet connections, diverse network carriers, and redundant network infrastructure. Additionally, colocation facilities often provide access to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and cloud on-ramps, allowing businesses to easily connect to cloud services and other networks.

Remote hands support: Colocation facilities typically offer remote hands services, allowing businesses to remotely manage and maintain their IT infrastructure 24/7. Remote hands support enables businesses to scale their operations without the need for additional staff or on-site presence. This streamlines the scalability process and reduces operational overhead.

Why choose DataBank?

DataBank’s colocation facilities are designed to meet the needs, wants, and budgets of modern businesses. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, customization options, and 24/7 support. Here is a brief guide to what you need to know about why this matters.

State-of-the-art facilities

DataBank has invested heavily in modern technology to ensure safe, reliable operations. Here are just five of the key features you can expect to find and the benefits they deliver.

Redundant power systems: DataBank facilities have an N+1 UPS configuration. Backup generators with dedicated on-site fuel supplies ensure continued power in the event of a grid-power failure.

Environmental controls: State-of-the-art cooling systems regulate temperature and humidity levels. This prevents equipment from overheating and hence minimizes the risk of performance degradation.

Advanced security measures: DataBank employs advanced security measures to protect hosted infrastructure against physical and cyber threats. This includes biometric access controls, camera monitoring systems, and 24/7 security personnel.

Compliance certifications: DataBank adheres to industry standards and compliance regulations, holding certifications such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. This demonstrates DataBank’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. It also ensures data protection and regulatory compliance for hosted infrastructure.

Proactive monitoring and management: Advanced monitoring tools continuously monitor server and network infrastructure, enabling rapid detection and resolution of potential issues.

Customization options

DataBank offers customizable colocation solutions designed to address the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes and industries. Here are some examples of what that means in practice.

Flexible space options

With space options ranging from individual server racks to dedicated cages or private suites, businesses can tailor their colocation footprint to match their exact needs. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their IT infrastructure seamlessly within DataBank’s state-of-the-art data centers, without the constraints of predefined packages or fixed configurations.

Tailored connectivity solutions

DataBank provides businesses with a range of connectivity options to optimize their IT infrastructure. From high-speed internet connections to diverse network carriers and redundant network infrastructure, businesses can choose the connectivity solution that best meets their performance and reliability requirements.

DataBank’s tailored connectivity solutions enable businesses to enhance their network connectivity, improve data transfer speeds, and ensure seamless access to cloud services and other networks.

Maximizing efficiency and performance

By leveraging DataBank’s customizable colocation solutions, businesses can optimize their IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance.

Whether it’s consolidating servers, deploying high-density configurations, or implementing redundant networking equipment, DataBank works closely with businesses to design and deploy tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

This personalized approach ensures that businesses can achieve optimal performance, scalability, and reliability within DataBank’s cutting-edge data centers, driving business growth and success.

24/7 support

With a dedicated support team available 24/7, businesses can rely on prompt assistance and technical expertise whenever needed. This commitment to continuous support ensures that businesses can address technical challenges and maintain optimal performance for their hosted infrastructure at any time of the day or night.

DataBank’s responsive support team is equipped to handle a wide range of technical issues and emergencies with speed and efficiency.

Whether it’s troubleshooting server issues, diagnosing network problems, or addressing hardware failures, DataBank’s support engineers work diligently to resolve issues promptly and minimize disruptions to business operations.

Server colocation near me

Hosting applications and services near their users enables businesses to optimize the user experience. In particular, it minimizes latency and, hence, delivers faster response times.

Reduced latency is especially important for latency-sensitive applications such as gaming, streaming video, and using real-time communication platforms.

DataBank’s strategically located data centers offer businesses significant advantages in terms of proximity. Situated near major business hubs and internet exchange points (IXPs), DataBank’s facilities provide businesses with direct access to a robust network ecosystem and low-latency connectivity to key markets.

This strategic location ensures optimal network performance and reliability, enabling businesses to deliver seamless digital experiences to their customers while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Dedicated server colocation

With dedicated server colocation, businesses have exclusive access to physical servers housed in a secure data center environment. This provides a range of additional benefits over regular colocation (and other solutions). Here are just three of the main ones.

Enhanced security: With dedicated servers housed in a secure data center environment, businesses have exclusive access to physical hardware, allowing them to implement customized security measures such as biometric access controls, firewall configurations, and intrusion detection systems.

Increased performance: By colocating servers in a data center equipped with advanced infrastructure and redundant systems, businesses can leverage high-speed network connections, robust power supply, and efficient cooling mechanisms to optimize server performance.

Enhanced control and customization: With dedicated servers, businesses have the flexibility to customize hardware configurations, install specific software applications, and implement tailored security policies according to their unique requirements.

Are you ready to elevate your IT infrastructure and drive your business forward? Discover the transformative benefits of server colocation services and see how partnering with a top-tier colocation vendor can enhance your operations. Let us help you enhance your IT infrastructure with scalable, reliable, and secure server colocation services.

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