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7 Ways Campuses Expand the Benefits of Partnering with a Colocation Provider

7 Ways Campuses Expand the Benefits of Partnering with a Colocation Provider

  • March 29, 2024
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The benefits of a data center campus

You already realize the benefits of moving your IT environments to colocation data centers. They serve as the backbone of a modern IT environment, providing the required infrastructure to securely and efficiently store, process, and access vast amounts of data.

However, you can expand your colocation benefits by partnering with a provider that offers data center campus locations. While standalone data centers offer substantial benefits, a campus encompassing multiple facilities introduces additional advantages.

Here are eight compelling reasons why opting for a data center campus can be a game-changer for your business:

#1 – Anchor Tenant Access

Campus data centers typically host environments for hyperscalers. These include cloud on-ramps, telecommunications carriers, and Internet Exchange firms. Your company could benefit from close connections to any of these services. Setting up your infrastructure on a campus is, in many ways, just like operating in the same data center. Also, anchor tenants often attract similar businesses or those within the same ecosystem.

#2 – Enhanced Connectivity

Multiple data center buildings nearby give you access to a diverse ecosystem of network carriers and service providers. Campus connectivity is more cost-effective than a carrier service because the cross-connects operate on one property. You get primary and secondary route options to connect with other tenants, avoiding the hassle of limited bandwidth. The abundance of connectivity options also minimizes latency and ensures uninterrupted access to critical services. Additionally, the presence of multiple carriers facilitates redundancy and mitigates the risk of downtime.

#3 – Flexible Scalability

With data centers in multiple buildings on the same property, your organization can seamlessly scale infrastructure up and down as demand fluctuates. This minimizes the risk of space constraints or capacity limitations. Whether expanding storage, increasing compute resources, or deploying new services, you can efficiently adapt your infrastructure for future growth.

#4 – Greater Power Resiliency

Many campuses have dedicated power substations. This gives you more resiliency. Exposure is only on the transmission lines, which rarely go down, and power distribution takes place right on the property. The data center provider also can control the substation in relation to maintenance and managing the power load. You don’t have to worry about a utility company taking power away for other segments of their grid.

#5 – Diverse Cooling Options

The cooling needs of IT infrastructure workloads vary. DataBank’s universal data hall design includes both raised and slab floors and offers a range of air and innovative liquid cooling technologies as well as advanced airflow management systems. Whether it’s liquid to the rack, liquid to the chip, or chip immersion, multiple cooling options ensure optimal operating conditions and energy efficiency.

#6 – Improved Business Continuity

Datacenter campuses provide built-in redundancy by distributing infrastructure across multiple buildings. You can implement robust disaster recovery strategies by replicating data across the campus with the option to also replicate to data centers in other regions. In the event of a localized outage, the redundant systems ensure uninterrupted access to critical resources, minimize downtime, and preserve user productivity.

#7 – Streamlined Operations

For both data center providers and customer IT teams, the campus set-up achieves economies of scale for operating large infrastructure footprints. Highly skilled teams can share office space across campus facilities to facilitate the management and maintenance of server and network gear, connections, power, and cooling. The campus model is also easier on hardware vendor support teams who can efficiently service multiple customer environments.

Data Center Campuses Across the U.S.

For enterprises looking to capitalize on the benefits of campus data centers, DataBank features 65+ colocation facilities across the U.S. These include 42 data centers located on 10 campuses in New York City, Northern Virginia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

Image above shows the connectivity among three data centers on a DataBank campus.
Image above shows the connectivity among three data centers on a DataBank campus.

The benefits of our campuses extend far beyond the traditional confines of a standalone facility. These include quick installation intervals that speed time-to-market for new services and direct access to carrier backbones that drive low-latency performance. With a diverse range of telecommunications service providers, you also benefit from lower connectivity pricing with the flexibility to select carriers without physically moving equipment to another data center.

By embracing the interconnectedness and scalability offered by multiple buildings within a centralized location, your business can unlock new levels of performance, resilience, and agility. From enhanced connectivity and scalability to diverse power options and collaborative ecosystems, our data center campuses empower you to thrive in the digital age and position your company for sustained success.

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