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Multi-Cloud Strategy Demands a Multi-Network Connectivity

Multi-Cloud Strategy Demands a Multi-Network Connectivity

  • September 15, 2020
  • Cloud

Hybrid IT is now the technology strategy of choice for businesses, allowing organizations to leverage the benefits of public cloud computing where and when it makes sense while preserving colocation and private clouds for workloads with more demanding compliance, security, and performance requirements.

But developing an effective multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy requires broad network options to connect your workloads in geographically dispersed public clouds, private clouds, and even colocation facilities. DataBank accomplishes this with our Cloud Direct Connect (CDC) service which utilizes SDN networks from MegaPort and other providers to easily and privately access over 200+ on-ramps in 100 global cloud regions.

DataBank’s Cloud Direct Connect service can now get you to a diverse set of cloud service providers such as Nutanix, Alibaba, IBM, Salesforce, SAP, and Rackspace, in addition to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and Google.

At present, DataBank’s Cloud Direct Connect on-ramps are available natively in the following locations and accessible from DataBank data centers via metro access or nationwide MPLS:

  • Dallas
  • Pittsburgh
  • Kansas City
  • Minneapolis
  • Salt Lake City
  • Indianapolis
  • Atlanta

Enabling A True Hybrid IT Strategy

Cloud Direct Connect does more than enable a hybrid cloud strategy though. It’s just one component of an overall ecosystem that enables a completely Hybrid IT strategy of public cloud, private cloud, and colocation.

Just like DataBank’s colocation, network, and storage platforms – our cloud platform is surrounded by a constellation of managed services, security, and compliance. This enables a more inherently flexible platform for scaling and adapting infrastructure, a more compliant container for data, and a more secure filter through which to connect users and applications.

As the illustration below indicates, whether an application is on our colo platform, our cloud platform, or a third-party public/private cloud platform accessed via Cloud Direct Connect, DataBank serves as a filter, providing visibility, control, and management of security and compliance to protect users and applications.

Enabling A True Hybrid IT Strategy

Key Takeaways for the Enterprise

DataBank’s Cloud Direct Connect accelerates your ability to facilitate a multi-cloud initiative. There’s no need to be an engineer with an IT background. You get a user-friendly, easy- access experience with security is built into the SDN network thereby delivering secure, low-latency connectivity to all of your public cloud environments.

Benefits of this combined solution include:

  • Direct connectivity to multiple public clouds connectivity through a single port
  • Rapid provisioning across one platform via intuitive web portal
  • Pay for what you use
  • Elastic capacity
  • On-stop shop
  • On-demand networking capacity that aligns to cloud consumption models

“By leveraging DataBank’ Cloud Direct Connect infrastructure, our enterprise customers will be able to more fully integrate public cloud capabilities into their colocation and private cloud assets to build true hybrid environments. It’s just another example of how DataBank is enhancing the colocation experience by bringing, secure, scalable and cost-effective public cloud access to our customers.”

-Vlad Friedman, CTO, DataBank

For a closer look at how DataBank’s Enterprise Cloud platform, Cloud Direct Connect service, and entire Data Center Evolved ecosystem enable a truly hybrid approach, check out our latest white paper: A Better Way To Cloud.

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