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Storm Readiness: DataBank Maintains Critical Operations in the Texas Market

Storm Readiness: DataBank Maintains Critical Operations in the Texas Market

With severe winter weather affecting Texas, we want to provide you with the status and preparedness of our operations and communications. All eight of our Texas facilities in Dallas, Austin, and Waco are operating successfully on utility power with generator backup available. We have experienced no outages and no customers have been negatively affected.

During this fluid situation, we have ongoing communications with customers operating within our Texas facilities whenever there is a change to power systems and fuel levels.

Keep in mind that, while this is an uncommon and serious weather condition, DataBank is prepared.

“This is why we have data centers, and DataBank is performing its mission of keeping our customers’ IT infrastructure powered and cooled so that their data is protected,” said DataBank CEO Raul Martynek. “We topped off our fuel before the storm and have arranged for deliveries in advance.”

Although there are news reports of delayed fuel deliveries, DataBank has seen no interruption in fuel delivery; we are monitoring fuel use in real-time, diverting deliveries based on usage, and sourcing backup fuel from out-of-state providers.

Beyond Data Center operations, passable roadways remain a concern. Although roadway infrastructure is beyond DataBank’s control, our plan includes equipping all Texas facilities with sufficient food and water supply and providing nearby hotel accommodations for on-site staff, if next-shift personnel are unable to travel safely to the data centers.

The good news is that weather forecasts for Dallas, Austin, and Waco over the next several days call for warmer temperatures and decreasing precipitation. In the meantime, the people and infrastructure of DataBank are working around the clock to protect data and business operations for our customers.

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