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Analysis of the latest trends and developments from DataBank’s own thought-leaders and experts.

Category: Security
CISO Corner Episode 11: Emerging Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies

Listen to Mark Houpt, DataBank’s CISO, as he helps you better understand risk tolerance. Before you can decide on which financial instruments to use, you need to know what you’re willing to risk.

CISO Corner Episode 10: Special Security Considerations for Edge Deployments

Listen to Mark as he helps us better define what the Edge is. For this discussion, we’re defining edge deployments as any that need to be as close to users as possible, whether it’s in a traditional or modular data center – or pod.

CISO Corner Episode 9: The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Data Security

Listen to Mark Houpt as he helps us understand the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

CISO Corner Ep. 8: Hackers Have Demanded Ransom, Now What?

Listen to Mark as he answers and discusses the circumstances that make an IT environment more susceptible to a ransomware attack.

Cybersecurity in the Data Center: New Political Developments Shape New Ways of Thinking in 2022—and Beyond

The current conflict in Eastern Europe raises new cybersecurity concerns on a global level. This article describes the state of affairs from a cybersecurity perspective and highlights best practices data center operators should implement to minimize their risk.

CISO Corner Ep. 7: Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Compliance

Listen to Larry Coffee, Harvey Seale, and Mark Houpt as they discuss responsibilities, authorities, and work through the nuances of the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).

CISO Corner Episode 6: Exploring StateRamp Cybersecurity

Featuring: Leah McGrath, Executive Director of StateRAMP; Harvey Seale, Mimecast; Noah Brown, Knowledge Services; and your host, Mark Houpt, DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer.

2How DataBank’s Physical Security Team is Taking Extreme Ownership of Your Protection
How DataBank’s Physical Security Team is Taking Extreme Ownership of Your Protection

Learn how DataBank has continued looking for new resources and methodologies to protect against the adverse impact of COVID-19 on operations and the possible spread of disease at our sites.

CISO Corner Episode 5: Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Listen to Blake Southerland, Mark Houpt and Tyler Treat as they sharesome history, Tipping Point 101, and some misconceptions about intrusion detection and intrusion prevention.



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