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Why You Should Choose Storage as a Service

Why You Should Choose Storage as a Service

What is Storage as a Service?

Not to be confused with cloud storage, Storage as a Service allows businesses to rely on a third-party to store their data (Techopedia). It’s an easy, cost-effective way to manage backups, as well as forego hiring additional personnel and purchasing hardware or physical space.

When managed internally, attending to storage and backups often involves storing tapes offsite. StaaS allows your IT admins to meet the same needs using SLAs with a StaaS partner. In many cases, cost is determined per-GB and per-data-transferred. Customers transfer their data to the StaaS partner on a schedule either via the internet or the partner’s wide area network. Storage partners will usually provide clients with a portal they’ll need to access stored data; typically, such portals can also be used to perform backups, transfers or restores.

Who Can StaaS Work For?

StaaS can work well for a number of different customers, from small businesses to enterprises who are seeking to optimize their disaster recovery strategy—it all depends on the objectives you’re looking to achieve. Generally speaking, StaaS is an excellent option for the following candidates:

  • Small to mid-sized businesses
  • Organizations who are having difficulty adding storage due to budget constraints
  • Those struggling with negatively impacted application performance as a result of a lack of database storage
  • Businesses who require multiple tiers of storage
  • Decision makers seeking to mitigate disaster recovery risks
  • Customers with limited IT personnel

The Benefits of StaaS

Storing files remotely instead of locally comes with plenty of advantages for the right users.

  • Cost-effective, efficient solution for storage: running out of local SAN space is an annoying, potentially expensive problem. StaaS becomes a sort of SAN on-demand solution with multi-tier storage options from high performance to long-term archival.
  • Deploy rapidly and save money: short SLAs ensure you’re online in no time while saving on capital for expensive hardware
  • Fully supported, fully managed service: eliminate the need to hire additional IT personnel or strain your current resources
  • Encrypt and replicate off-site: Reduce risk via physical and virtual security

Relying on a Partner for Storage

If you’re experiencing symptoms of being burdened by the many tasks that accompany storage, or you’re looking for ways to refocus the efforts of your IT personnel, StaaS is definitely worth considering. Storage is a major component of IT operations, and it has the potential to save you time and money with the right strategy. Start by looking for a reliable, proven StaaS partner to help you.

Often times, small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of StaaS to realize costs savings and give time back to the IT team. If you’re looking for ways to save on storage and allow your IT personnel to focus on projects that directly contribute to the success of your business, a StaaS partner is a great option.

DataBank can help you find the right Storage as a Service solution for your business. DataBank Storage as a Service provides quick turnaround of secure, resilient, redundant, and encrypted storage for DataBank colocation customers. The solution physically resides in existing colocation facilities, ensuring security and compliance.

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If you’re looking for a partner in storage, DataBank can assist. Reach out to us to talk about Storage as a Service, or call us at 1.800.840.7533 and speak to a StaaS specialist.

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